Health & Safety

Safety is practiced by many companies; however, few companies can contest the safety culture that is the foundation of MCL Group Ltd.  The outstanding success of our safety program earned us COR certification in 2009 which we continue to maintain.  Our team is also prequalified at ISNetworld, PICS Canada, ComplyWorks, CQN, and CQN Advantage. In addition, MCL Group is a certified member of Avetta.

Our safety culture is created and maintained through a myriad of staff orientations, continuous training programs, and most importantly, a positive team culture in which every member of our team protects one another.  MCL actively engages with all members of a project team, in order to incorporate them into our safety culture.  Our unparalleled approach to safety allows us to meet the unique safety challenges of any project, while providing unprecedented results that the client envisioned.

Some of the core elements of our safety program include:

  • Extensive Risk Management Process:  hazard identification, toolbox meetings and job safety analysis;
  • Internal/external auditing;
  • Company wide health and safety meetings;
  • Regular work-site inspections;
  • Incident tracking;

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