MCL Group’s mining division provides monumental value for all project stakeholders.  Our mining division consists of a team of operators, foremen, superintendents, coordinators and project managers that have excelled in a variety of projects for decades.  MCL’s mining division always ensures that specifications are followed and file-13specializes in:

  • Mine Reclamation
  • Haul Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Soil Stripping
  • Soil Salvage
  • Waste Rock Contouring
  • Water Management
  • Riffle Construction
  • Mulching

Our team’s most recent successful mining project was the 2018 Cardinal River mine reclamation.  During this 4 month mine reclamation, we successfully contoured waste rock spoils, hauled and placed 325,000 cubic meters of topsoil and over 800,000 cubic meters of waste rock.  Upon completion of the project, the mine was converted into a fish bearing lake with flowing inlet and outlet channels.

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